Advanced Website for the Syriac Music Institute

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                                                    SYRIAC MUSIC WEBSITE

                           Making Syriac Music Institute’s Projects Available Online

Syriac Music Institute is planning to create a website through which it can have all its musical projects available online for the Syriac community worldwide. This website will contain the following projects:

1. The Syriac Hymnal

The entire hymnal will be available online, so that the Syriac community members can have access to it whenever they wish—Syriac text, English translation and transliteration, and musical notation will be arranged according to the church calendar.

2. Syriac Hymnal Audio CD

The recording of the entire hymn collection found in the Syriac Hymnal will be available in the Syriac Music Website. While members read the text of hymns and look through the musical notation, they will be able to also hear the melody of these hymns for accurate learning.

3. Introducing Syriac Chants to Children

All songs (Syriac and English) and Syriac music teaching concepts will be available on the website for the Syriac community in general and Sunday School teachers in particular. This way, kids will be able to read, learn the hymn text, listen to songs, and also watch short videos of songs. Sunday School teachers will be able to watch the demonstrations of the Syriac Music teaching methods, so they can implement these methods when teaching at Sunday School.

Syriac Music Institute is looking for a sponsor to make this happen. The name of the sponsor will appear on the webpage. Please contact us for details.

Thank you!

Gabriel Aydin

Founder and Director of the Syriac Music Institute