Syriac Hymnal Audio CD

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                                                         SYRIAC HYMNAL AUDIO CD
                                                             Recording 384 Hymns found in the Syriac Hymnal

Recording the entire collection of hymns found in the Syriac Hymnal, ܙܡܝܪ̈ܬܐ ܕܥܕܬܐ ܒܢܘܛܐ (Zmirotho d-‛ito b-Nota) will ease the learning of Syriac hymns. All these chants will be recorded professionally in a voice of a professional singer or cantor in A Capella—vocal only, without any musical accompaniment, just the way have been sung throughout centuries. All hymns will be sung and recorded according to the musical notations found in the Syriac Hymnal, for each hymn represents a chant tradition (e.g., Urfa, Mardin, etc.).
Syriac Music Institute aims to have all these hymns available online to benefit the Syriac community members. This way, Syriac members will be able to hear the entire collection of hymns, see the Syriac text with English translation and transliteration and read musical notation. This will be a great way of learning Syriac hymns.
In order to make this project come to life, we are looking for selective sponsors. The preliminary work of this project has been completed, we are just waiting for a sponsor, so we can initiate the actual recording and preparation of the book.
Those who wish to sponsor this project, please contact us for more details.

Thank you!
Gabriel Aydin
Founder and Director of the Syriac Music Institute